Grand Canyon River Runners Association
Recruits 1000 New Members in First Four Weeks

For Immediate Release
Dwight Sherwood, 602-527-9595
November 15, 2004

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The Grand Canyon River Runners Association (“GCRRA”) announced today that it has recruited over 1000 new members in just its first six weeks of operation. In addition, GCRRA has now established 27 member chapters in 13 states and in 4 foreign countries.

“We’re extremely pleased with our early success in recruiting members and in establishing member chapters all across America,” said the new group’s president, Dwight Sherwood. “People across the country care deeply about protecting and defending the public’s rights of access to Grand Canyon river trips.”

GCRRA was recently formed by a group of Grand Canyon river trippers who became increasingly concerned that the voice of the public who depends on professional services to visit the Grand Canyon by river was unorganized and in danger of being drowned out. The group’s goals are to respond to those who would reduce or narrow the range of river services traditionally made available in the canyon.

“A trip down the Grand Canyon’s mighty Colorado River is one of life’s greatest experiences. For decades, people from all over America and from around the world have taken these trips” said Pam Whitney, GCRRA vice president. “We’re very pleased with the strong response we’ve seen to our initial membership recruitment efforts. We’re getting dozens of new members every day. That tells us that people really care about these issues.”

“People who have not yet been able to do a trip are also joining GCRRA,” said GCRRA Board Member Ruthie Stoner. “The discussion is about the future of Grand Canyon river running, and people want both the canyon and their option to visit and enjoy the canyon protected.”

GCRRA is fully committed to protecting the Grand Canyon's Colorado River in an unimpaired natural condition. In furtherance of this crucial objective, GCRRA donates twenty percent of all membership dues to the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund, a grant-making program that supports a diverse group of non-profit organizations working to protect the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River corridor.

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